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A Pig in China - Official webpage

A Pig in China

He is pink, he is a pig, his name is simply ‘Pig’. We just call him ‘The Pig’. He has two small pointy ears and two wonky eyes that makes him look funny. He is a bit disabled as he does not have legs, but the Pig is full of character and he is just as smart as we are, oink oink! According to the children we teach, the Pig is also very cute. No surprise they always want to grab him and pull his face off!

The thing is that we moved to China in August 2019 and the Pig moved here with us. We live in Hangzhou, which is the capital city of Zhejiang province. Just like anywhere else we have been and we have lived so far, we carry on sign hunting here, trying to visit as many new places as possible. And the Pig comes with us everywhere we go and in his expressive way and own style, he helps us preserve our memories in a series of videos. He is available on YouTube and runs his own travel diary.

The Pig is still developing his own persona, but he definitely is evolving fast and becoming   

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more and more aware of the world that surrounds him. We are, of course, very happy about him being so open-minden and let him say and discuss everything that bothers him.


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