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“It is not only about the sign, it is about everything else”


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Photo collection of settlement signs Photo collection of manhole covers

Settlement signs (temprorarily not available)

Click on the image and follow the link to our photo collection of settlement signs. The photos are of signposts that mark the administrative boundaries of specific geographical locations. We only take photos of welcome signs and mostly of signs that represent urban areas; thus cities, villages, etc. However, we have already visited many non-urban spots, where we took photos too.   

Manhole covers

During our urban adventures, we keep an eye on literally everything, but our photography is highly focused on urban living, people, street art, architecture, and developing urban areas. One of our favourite hobby activities is taking photos of manhole covers that might also include tap and sewer covers. Click on the image and follow the link to our collection, which we have recorded during our discovery expeditions.

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